I Scream Ice Cream: Albuquerque’s Best Place to Take Kids for Ice Cream

There is a LOT more to this ice cream shop than the usual toppings and flavors you find elsewhere. At I Scream Ice Cream, there is wonder, and joy, and fun, and conversation.

“Let’s go out for ice cream!” has got to be one of the great American cure-alls. It celebrates a win, soothes a loss, brings people together, and lifts the spirit. And, in Albuquerque, the best place to take kids for ice cream is I Scream Ice Cream.

Located on Carlisle Blvd. just south of I-40, the moment you go through the door, you know you are someplace special. And the kids are amazed.

I Scream Ice Cream is the best place in Albuquerque to take kids for ice cream because of the toys, the kind owner, and the playful atmosphere.

There are toys. Lots and lots of toys. And 50’s rock & roll on the LP player.

After you have a scoop with your kid, you can put on the Incredible Hulk fists and he can put on a cowboy hat and hop in the saddle (or the rocking horse) and you can work together to save the day. Then you can go play with the train set. Next your kid gets out an old phone, with a cord and buttons, and makes a few calls. And you turn around a find your husband has put on the Boba Fet helmet.

Suddenly going out for ice cream has become a rare and cherished sliver of family play time.

Q: What Makes This Place So Special?

Answer: The guy who runs it; the moment you walk through the door Bill greets you. Bill Warren is the heart and soul of I Scream Ice Cream. He has many stories and is more than happy to tell them. And once he starts telling jokes, well…

I Scream Ice Cream owner Bill Warren
Owner Bill Warren serves a scoop to an ABQ Kid.

There are stories ABOUT Bill, too. Like how he was honored by KOB-TV for throwing birthday parties for kids in foster care.

KRQE News commended him for giving free ice cream to cancer patients.

I Scream Ice Cream is a genuinely fun place run by a genuinely kind person.

Go. Have fun with your ABQ Kid. And say “hi to Bill.