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and community resource!

ABQ Kids is a resource for families and small businesses.

We promote local businesses that make Albuquerque the vibrant place we call home. By shining a light on the people and places around town who are doing fun and interesting things, we hope to encourage families to spend time together and to help our community thrive.

To business owners: we pledge to always offer affordable advertising rates, so that everyone has the opportunity to grow.

To the Albuquerque community: we strive to celebrate the amazing people who live here. Send us ideas — we would love to hear from you!

ABQ Kids is owned and operated by Anne Steen. Anne grew up in Albuquerque, moved away, moved back, and now is having a blast experiencing the city with her ABQ Kid.

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What’s the same about growing up in Albuquerque from when Anne grew up here:

Stuff that Anne wishes had been around when she was an ABQ Kid

  • Explora. The place is awesome. And thanks to their adult nights, now grown ups have a chance to play, too!
  • Petroglyph National Mounment. The volcanoes and petroglyphs have been there for eons, but when Anne was a kid the open space and national monument were still being created. Thank goodness for the park, because the trails and the petroglyphs are amazing and so fun to explore.
  • The 400+ mile of bike trails. What better way to explore Albuquerque as a family?